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5 XL Limestone Roof Jugs Set #1

Navigate those roof or super-steep climbing courses with ease using this set of limestone-designed rock climbing holds.


5 XL Limestone Roof Jugs Set #2

Great for hand-foot matching and using the extra material on the hold as an intermediate hold.


5 XL Double Incut Roof Jugs Set #3

The best of the four sets.


5 XL Protons

Big fun!


5 XL Patina Sinker Jugs

Unique pistol grip feel not common in jug design.


5 XL Divot Roof Jugs

Enough room for both hands on all the holds with ample thumb catches make these beauties an excellent choice for steep terrain.


5 XL Facet Crease Jugs (Set#1)

The kind of jug you can really lock on to.


5 XL Simple Roof Jugs

Ahhhhhhh, comfy jugs.

Min: $16.00 Max: $165.00
$16 $165