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10 Brain Coral Slab Crimps

Difficult crimps with brain coral texture

10 Oval Crimps #2

Rock climbing crimps with a rounded edge

10 Oval Crimps Set #1

Oval shaped and rounded crimps

10 Oval Crimps Set #3

Flat, slopey oval shaped crimps

10 Small Simple Incuts

Unique crimp rock climbing holds

10 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps

V8 crimps in steep terrain

10 Straight Crimps

Functional, straight crimps

10 Thin Crimps

Steep wall crimps

12 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps

V5 crimps in steep terrain

15 Angled Pinches

A variety of small, geometric pinches

15 Brain Coral Crimps

Slopey, brain coral textured climbing holds

18 Brain Coral Crimps

Crimp climbing holds with brain coral texture

6 Yaniro Crimps

Rounded, comfortable crimps

21 Armadillo Feet

Suited for low angle terrain.

21 Hedrons

Positive footholds that require a technical touch.

21 Protons Steep Wall Feet

Steep wall feet or crazy weird hands.

21 Simple

Are you a route setter that needs foot holds and small little intermediate hand holds to set with? Read on...

21 Sweet Steep Wall Feet

Tech feet

5 Small Eggs

Small, egg-shaped, slopey climbing holds

10 Small Divot Pinches

Thumb catch tapered pinches

21 Font

Use this set as small to medium sized feet for beginner and intermediate climbers or as some really fun and challenging handholds for the advanced climber.

21 Classic

Looking for small little hand holds or decent sized feet? Check these out!

21 Sandstone

The holds in this set are a little larger than a golf ball. They are excellent as footholds on most walls along with being great as small hand holds for the route setter wanting small crimpers.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #1

When "nail biting crimps" are exactly what you want.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #2

Rounded lip incut crimps.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #3

3/4" rounded lip incut crimps.

5 Small Simple Pinches

Turn your hands into hydraulic vise-grips when you pull onto these bubbly pinches of peril.

10 Assorted Smalls

When you need just a few, getting this partial set will do the trick.

3 Yaniro Finger Slots

1,2 and stacked 3 finger slots to dig in to.

5 Edges

All five are incut and friendly and can be moved to steep walls once you have mastered them on lower angles.

5 Rock Feet

Use as feet for all angles, or as interesting hand holds on less-steep walls.