Climbing Holds Starter Pack

Welcome to the ultimate launchpad for climbing enthusiasts! Whether you're decking out your home climbing wall or giving your gym that craggy edge, our climbing holds starter pack is your ticket to a gripping experience.

Our climbing holds starter kit is the perfect choice for climbers seeking variety, value, and quality. It features an eclectic mix of holds to challenge every muscle, offers bulk savings, and boasts durable, rock-like quality by climbers for climbers.

Your climbing wall is your canvas, and with our rock climbing holds starter kit, you're the artist. Mold your piece of Everest or K2 right at home or in your gym!

When we talk about bulk climbing holds, we're not just offering quantity; we're promising an expedition's worth of quality and excitement. Atomik’s rock climbing holds starter pack is perfect for both newbies finding their footing and seasoned climbers looking to warm up before the real climb.

Picture of 15 Pack Rock-Like
Picture of 22 Pack

22 Pack

Picture of 24 Classic Kids Playground Pack
Picture of 24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus
Picture of 25 Pack Variety Golfus
Picture of 34 Pack (For Little Hands)
Picture of 35 Pack Steep Wall
Picture of 35 Rock-Like Pack
Picture of 35 Pack Protons
Picture of 39 Pack For Little Hands With Down Climb Holds For Safety
Picture of 40 Pack Variety
Picture of 40 Pack Protons
Picture of 47 Variety Pack
Picture of 50 Pack Golfus Steep Wall
Picture of 50 Pack Facets (Jugs and Feet)
Picture of 60 Pack Steep Wall
Picture of 60 Variety Pack
Picture of 60 Rock-Like Pack
Picture of 63 Pack Gymnastics
Picture of 65 Pack Variety Basic 2.0
Picture of 68 Pack

68 Pack

Picture of 69 Pack Divots
Picture of 75 Pack Facets (Feet, Crimps, Pinches, Jugs)
Picture of 85 Rock-Like Pack
Picture of 90 Pack Steep Wall
Picture of 100 Rock-Like Pack
Picture of 100 Pack Golfus Steep Wall
Picture of 100 Pack Classic (Bolt-on)
Picture of 100 Pack For Little Hands
Picture of 100 Pack Gymnastics/Trampoline Parks
Picture of 108 Pack

108 Pack

Picture of 115 Pack Steep Wall
Picture of 120 Pack Gymnastics
Picture of Sensory Block Pack (Bolt-On)