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Starter Kits (Bolt-on)

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15 Pack Rock-Like

Feet, edges, and jugs.


5 Rock-Like Variety (Pinches,Edges,Jug)

Pinches, edges, and jugs.


22 Pack

Medium-sized handholds and tennis shoe-friendly footholds.


24 Classic Kids Playground Pack

Select holds chosen with your child in mind.


24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus

Ideal for commercial and residential playgrounds and climbing walls.


34 Pack (For Little Hands)

Small holds for small hands.


35 Pack Steep Wall

Big feet/small handholds, crimps, jugs, pinches, slopers, and incuts.


35 Rock-Like Pack

Bring outdoor rock styles to your climbing wall!


35 Pack Protons

Unique shapes to add variety to your wall.


40 Pack Variety

Tennis-shoe friendly and stylish—this set offers variety.


40 Pack Protons

The whole shebang!


47 Variety Pack

A smaller hold size for low-angled walls.

Min: $35.00 Max: $960.00
$35 $960