Rock Climbing Holds

When you shop from Atomik Climbing Holds, you’re buying from the team voted the #1 Home Climbing Wall hold company by the Climbing Business Journal for 2020, 2021, and 2022. What makes our rock climbing holds so great? It’s because we design products for the homewaller in mind. Here, the homewaller can find rock climbing wall holds with small footprints and cost-effective shapes to make the most of your limited terrain.

Whatever kind of rock wall you have, whether it’s home wall woodies, kid's climbing walls, commercial climbing gyms, gymnastics facilities, or amusement parks, you’ll find the bouldering wall holds and other rock climbing equipment you need here.

Are you in a rush to finish your rock wall? That’s no problem with Atomik Climbing Holds, as we design and manufacture every type of indoor rock climbing holds needed in the industry, so our turnaround time is days instead of weeks or months.

Even if you only need small and simple rock climbing supplies, like a T-nut or liquid chalk, Atomik Climbing Holds has what you need with our wide inventory for rock climbers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions about our rock climbing holds, contact us, and our team will help you in any way we can!