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3 Balls (Bolt On)

Pack of 3 balls

5 Medium Brain Coral Rounders

Between a big edge and an incut

5 Medium Protons

Fun and engaging.

5 Medium Steep Wall Slopers

Not much to grab here.

12 Medium Slopers

Great for vertical walls and awesome on volumes!

10 Sandstone Steep-Wall Crimps

This set of rock climbing holds for sale offers one full finger pad to two full finger pads of crimper edge.

11 Sandstone Crimps

This set of indoor climbing holds offers a ¾ of a finger pad to a full finger pad of crimper edge.

12 Medium Basic Incut Crimps

V4/V5 holds on a 45 degree wall.

12 Medium Golfus Crimps

Power endurance crimping

12 Medium Hedron Crimps

Not just your ordinary crimp.