Large Down Climb Arrow-Shaped Jug

The next generation for Down Climb jugs.


Large Ring 1-1/4" (Down Climbing Hold) (Bolt-On)

The go-to climbing hold for down climbing. Over 350,000 sold!


4 Large Pockets

This set is designed for tendon-friendly training.


5 Large Protons

Fun and engaging.


5 Divot Pockets

Always tendon friendly pockets here at Atomik.


5 Large Joe's Pockets (2.0)

Inspired pocket designs by the sandstone boulders that line the hillsides of our very own Joe's Valley, Utah.


5 Large Rock-Like Pockets

A nice variety of two and three finger pockets that feel like designs found in nature.


5 Large Simple Incuts

Positive incuts for steep terrain.


5 Large Steep Wall Facet Jugs

Comfortable Faceted Steep Wall Incut Jugs


5 Large Steep Wall Facet Slopers

Comfortable Steep Wall Facet Slopers.


5 Large Brain Coral Pinches #1

Perfect Pinches

Min: $26.00 Max: $233.00
$26 $233