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25 Hedrons-Tech Feet

5.12+ foot holds.

25 Simple Tech Feet

When your routes need hard to stand on foot holds.

10 Super Small Cobble Feet

Little round and oval feet.

25 Super Small Classic

Another awesome set of holds at our awesome prices. These beauties have been designed at the request of our gym clientele for mass stripping in their route setting programs.

30 Angled Feet

Directional foot holds.

30 Armadillo- Tech Feet

Low angle smear feet.

30 Mudplate - Tech Feet

Lots of precision required.

30 Proton Tech Feet

Precision required.

30 Steep Wall Feet

From steep wall toe smear to full on spike, your steep wall foot is here.

10 Pure Smear Feet

When you want to have a foot hold for smearing.