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Check back to this page on a regular basis and you will find the newest additions to the Atomik product line. The page varies from new climbing holds, to American Ninja Warrior training products, as well as new devious and inventive indoor rock climbing gear to help make you stronger one product at a time. 

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5 Medium Golfus Pinches Set #1

V4 on a 45-degree wall


5 Small Golfus Edges Set #2

20-degree to 30-degree incut edges.


5 Small Golfus Edges Set #3

Neutral incut edges.


Ring Toss Knob (Choose one or five)

Create your own Ring Toss Obstacle!


XL Snowman

It's Pinchy the Snowman!


5 Medium Basic Incuts

V4/V5 holds on a 45 degree wall.


5 Round Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.


5 Straight Mini Jugs

Incut and comfortable.


15 Pack Rock-Like

Feet, edges, and jugs.


5 Large Rock-Like Pockets

A nice variety of two and three finger pockets that feel like designs found in nature.


XL Shark

A playful addition for children to play on. A killer climbing hold on steep walls!

$46.52 $37.22

5 Sandstone Steep Wall Feet

Highest profile foot holds in our line.

Min: $14.00 Max: $140.00
$14 $140