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Check back to this page on a regular basis and you will find the newest additions to the Atomik product line. The page varies from climbing holds, to American Ninja Warrior hanging products, as well as new devious and inventive training products to help make you stronger one product at a time. 

5 XL Double Incut Roof Jugs Set #2

Steep wall love

5 XL Double Incut Roof Jugs Set #3

The best of the three sets.

Double Hander (Straight)

High profile

Inception - Total Grip Training Device

Portable training device.
$99.99 $49.99

5 Medium Protons

Fun and engaging.

5 Large Protons

Fun and engaging.

5 XL Protons

Big fun!
$110.40 $75.00

Pumpkin Jack

Huge sloper with some cool "catches" on the detail.

XXXL Pumpkin Jug

Double hander jug and then some.

XXXL Pumpkin Sloper

Vertical wall sloper

XXXL The Great Pumpkin

Gigantic feature.
$421.60 $347.00