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12 Medium Emoji Jugs

#emojiclimbingholds :)



5 XL Dripstone Jugs (Screw On)

When the terrain gets steep.

66 Pack Dripstone Steep Wall (Screw On)

Positive grips for steep terrain.

XXL Double Hander Jug (Dripstone) ( Screw On )

Ginormous with room for 4 hands

Single XXL Missile

Harder than you think.

100 Pack Dripstone (Screw On)

100 pieces of rock love.

3/4 Pipe Campus Rung

Beginning campus training device

5 Large Dripstone Pinches Set #2 (Screw On)

Great vertical intro to awesome steep wall pinches.

5 Large Dripstone Slopers ( Screw On )

Large sloper rock climbing holds

5 Large Steep Wall Dripstone Slopers ( Screw On )

The more incut version of the 2 large Dripstone sets.

9" Ball

One hold only

Educational "Crimp"

Single educational hold: crimp

Educational "Edge"

Same as a crimp but bigger and flatter.

Educational "Gastons"

Climbing history is found in this uniquely named type of hold.

Educational "Jug"

JUG = big easy hold

Educational "Pinch"

A name everyone understands.

Educational "Pocket"

Demonstrates sticking your fingers into the climbing hold.

Educational "Sidepulls"

Pull sideways instead of straight down.

Educational "Undercling"

Learn just what "undercling" means and how to move past one.

Educational 9" Sloper

Learn just what sloper means and how to hang on them.

Educational Pack

Educational climbing holds

Obstacle Course Rail ( Jug Bolt On )

As seen on Ultimate Cliff Hanger!

Obstacle Course Rail ( Jug Screw On )

Screw on version of what is seen on American Ninja Warrior Ultimate Cliff Hanger!

XXL Dripstone Tufa ( Bowtie ) ( Screw On )

An exciting hold to add to any wall!

XXL Dripstone Tufa ( Rail ) ( Screw On )

The most challenging of the tufas.

Ring Toss Peg

You supply the base plate, we supply the peg.

Balance Sphere (Rubber Floor Model)

Mobile tricking device with a rubber shell and bottom for safety

Parkour Rope Bomb (9")

Rope assist for parkour usability