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XL Ring ( 1.5" )

An adult hand easily fits inside this handle bar ring.

5 XL Basic Slopers

Free of design flavor.

3 Yaniro Power Bulbs

Open handed.

3 Yaniro Slopers

3 different sloper classics.

5 XL Simple Slopers

Clean designs that are ready to get down to business.

3 Domes

3.5", 4.5" and 6.0" Domes.

3 XL Golfus Pinches

Steep wall pinches.

3 XL Yaniro Pocket Jugs

3 versions of 3 pocket fun.

5 XL Flat Slopers

Angle specific flat slopers.

5 XL Hedron Slopers

Slopers that you can pinch.

5 Limestone Roof Jugs Set #1

Navigate those roof or super-steep climbing courses with ease using this set of limestone-designed rock climbing holds.

5 XL Golfus Roof Jugs

Insanely incut jugs.

5 Limestone Roof Jugs Set #2

Great for hand-foot matching and using the extra material on the hold as an intermediate hold.

5 XL Dripstone Jugs

Easy to grab comfortable jugs.

5 XL Yaniro Jugs

Begin and end your training session on these.

5 XL Font Slopers Set #1

Have you ever climbed in the forest in Fontainebleau, France?

5 XL Font Slopers Set #2

Now we're climbing!

5 XL Divot Roof Jugs

Enough room for both hands on all the holds with ample thumb catches make these beauties an excellent choice for steep terrain.

5 XL Fontainebleau Roof Jugs

These holds stand the chance to be our new best selling roof jug set! To date, they are our largest set of roof jugs.

5 XL Patina Sinker Jugs

Unique pistol grip feel not common in jug design.

5 XL Simple Roof Jugs

Ahhhhhhh, comfy jugs.

5 XL Divot Pinches

Not just your ordinary pinches.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #1 ( Positive Bow Ties )

Feels like VO on vertical and V5 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #2 ( Tapered )

Feels like V1 on vertical and V6 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #3 ( Positive )

Feels like V2 on vertical and V7 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #4 ( Neutral )

Feels like V3 on vertical and V8 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Wide Font Pinches Set #5 ( Slopey )

Feels like V4 on vertical and V9 on 45 degree walls.

5 XL Simple Pinches

They are a handful!

5 XL Hedron Positive Pinches

3.5 to 4 inches of pinch.

5 XL Hedron Wide Pinches

4.5 to 5 inch wide pinches.

5 XL Pockets

For your super steep 45 degree wall, expect about V3+/5.10+ feeling holds. Great for hand matching!

5 XL Sandstone Roof Jugs

The sandstone design continues from the face of the hold through to the back so they feel realistic from all gripping positions.

5 XL Mudplate Jugs

Worth looking further in to what these jugs have to offer.