ZipBACK (Retraction Device)

Designed for zip lines up to 40m (130ft) in length
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    Increase throughput and reliability on your mini zip with the zipBACK Retraction Device. The zipBACK is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution for mini zip line rider trolley retrieval. Compatible with zip lines up to 40m (130 feet) long with a simple external 2:1 redirection system supplied and installed by the end-user. To be used only in non-life safety installations to retrieve rider trolleys. PROVIDES NO BRAKING.

    The Assembly Includes:

    • zipBACK Retraction Device
    • Mounting bracket, pins, and rattlestop

    Key zipBACK Benefits:

    • Eliminate complicated redirect systems that twist, tangle, and become unreliable over time
    • Designed for zip lines up to 40m (130ft) in length
    • Cost-effective unit has field replaceable wear parts
    • Minimize the need for staff to assist participants with manual retrieval systems
    • No annual recertification required for non-life safety devices
    • Minimal resistance while riding allows even the lightest riders a full-length ride
    • Controlled and dependable retraction of most standard rider trolleys
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