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Yaniro System Holds


Yaniro Jug #5 (Bolt-on) (Set of 2)

45 degree incut fin that is about 1.5 inches thick. It's a ledge on a 45 degree wall. The steeper the terrain gets, the more you will want to engage your thumb.


Yaniro Power Bulbs #1 (Bolt-on) ( Set of 2 )

Imagine what a baseball would feel like, only smooth.


Yaniro Power Bulbs #2 (Bolt-on) ( Set of 2 )

A full handful of cobble and when the terrain gets steep you get a cool thumb slot to get in some sloping pinch action.


Yaniro Power Bulbs #3 (Bolt-on) ( Set of 2 )

A slopier version of #2 Sold as a set of 2.


Yaniro Power Hang Board

Smooth textured hang board.

$136.48 $99.99
Min: $13.00 Max: $100.00
$13 $100