Yaniro Power Pack ( 50 Holds )

50 skin-friendly holds.
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    This set of Yaniro climbing handholds is specifically designed to offer a variety of grip positions which will yield maximum hand power.

    In this set, you will find...

    7 Two Finger Pockets

    3 Rounders

    6 Crimps

    4 Slot Crimps 

    3 Finger Slots ( 1, 2 and stacked 3 finger variations )

    5 XL Jugs 

    3 Dishes 

    3 Slopers 

    3 Power Bulbs 

    4 Pinch Jugs 

    3 Pinches 

    3 Mono Pockets 

    3 Pocket Jugs

    The Yaniro™ texture is unique in that it is smoother than most commercially made climbing holds affording long skin friendly training sessions. The smooth texture also forces the climber to train contact strength


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