XXXL Steep Wall Sloper

Slap it, spin it, turn it, fall off of it.
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    The XXXL Steep Wall Sloper has a slight rounded incut of around 45 degrees. Since the lip is so wide at 3 inches, it feels slopey right off. On a 45 degree wall it's a pure sloping rail when set horizonally. 

    We designed this hold with women in mind. Notice how the sloper turns on each side of the hold near the spinner screws. This allows even a small woman's hand to find just the right size of pinch when this hold is set vertically. 

    On the 45 degree wall, expect no less than V5/V6 assuming huge feet. 

    Measures: 18 inches wide, 10 inches tall and stands off the wall 4 inches. 


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