Sort of a jug, but not really.


XXXL Granite Rail #3 is half of our Crack Sections C and D.  As a stand-alone rail; it's a long hold at 33-1/2" inches.

About the incut, there is an 8" inch-wide section that incuts at around 30 degrees. So, on a 45-degree wall, that incut is 15 degrees sloping. So not really a jug on a 45-degree wall, but man o man, it is too cool when on a 45. Expect no less than V5 in steep terrain. 

Back to the incut, it's mostly neutral. Over 25" inches of it is neutrally incut, so a rail, and because of its length, it's easy to force a couple of moves before getting set up on the sweet spot, which isn't as sweet as you might think in steep terrain. And even though this hold is huge, it does add value to the home wall. You can easily avoid the incut and stay on the rail section, set it vertically for some awesome barn door/flagging moves, and if you feeling burly, it works great as an undercling. 

We have shaped it in detail like every other rail in this series. This detail creates little micro-crimps and thumb-catches that deliver the rock-like experience. If you have a small wall, you'll wish for a bigger one to accommodate a hold like this. 

For the beginner climber, this is easiest on a vertical wall feeling V1. However, with clever route setting, you might be able to squeak out V3, setting it vertically or as an undercling. A fun feature to navigate for the beginner. 

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  • SIZE: 33-1/2" long x 8-1/2" tall x 3-3/8" standing off the wall. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.