XXXL Granite Rail #1 (Neutral Incut With Crimps)

31-1/2" inches long!


When you want the real rock experience, the XXL Granite Rail #1 delivers. Based on the details of actual granite, this rail has been designed to offer staggered finger, cling, and open-handed crimps. Every grip is organic and forces you to feel a way to engage. A lot is going in variability, with even a wide 4" pinch in the middle of the hold. 

The easiest orientation to set with this hold is in the horizontal position. In this position, throwing to it or being a big ledge on your route offers the most straightforward grip options: crimps near the outer lip and one open-handed crimp almost 2" inches back on the hold.

The beginner climber will succeed on this hold on vertical terrain, feeling V1; however, orienting the hold in the vertical position will challenge the beginner to V3. 

Where this hold shines is in steep terrain. Considering how realistic this rail feels, you might forget you are climbing on an artificial wall. The steeper the wall, the more you'll feel that open-hand crimping is in order. 

On a 25-degree wall, the easiest you can set with this hold is V3/4, and it is pretty easy to get up to V8. Orienting the hold vertically is the easiest way to make this hold feel harder to grip. Though rails are not traditionally set as underclings, consider it. We made some exciting boulder problems with it on our 45-degree wall, hitting the V9 range.  

Note: Technically, this hold is one of the two from the set XXXL Granite Crack Sections A and B. XXXL Granite Rail #1 is Part "A."  

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XXXL Granite Rail #1 

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XXXL Granite Rail #4 


  • SIZE: 31-1/2" long x 6-1/2" tall x 3-1/2" standing off the wall. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.