XXXL Granite Crack Sections A and B (Two Holds)

An adjustable crack system with endless possibilities!


Video description: Cracks A, B, C, and D are stacked on a 17.5' wall and being climbed by a sport climber. This crack setup climbs at a 5.10. 

Crack Sections A and B. They work with Crack Sections C and Dmeaning Section A can go with Sections B, C, D, and itself. All four sections were designed at the same time for maximum variability.

You can also purchase them individually as stand-alone rails. 

XXXL Granite Rail #1 

XXXL Granite Rail #2 

XXXL Granite Rail #3 

XXXL Granite Rail #4 

Buckle up for this description because the options are endless. For starters, you can butt Sections A to B, resulting in a tight seamline feeling 5.10/5.11 on a vertical wall. Yes, you can cheat the hold and face-climb it, but that's not the point. Options to space the cracks further away from each other to practice specific jams and learn how to place natural gear is the point. 

Crack Sections A and B offer myriad choices for fingers, hands, and gear placements. Each side has very little incut. 

You can get a lot more possibilities by setting the cracks offset from one another, parallel, in a "V" orientation, and even horizontally to practice tri-cam placements. 

So whether you want to learn how to place gear or practice jams, this set has an answer for you. 

For a detailed description of Section A, XXXL Granite Rail #1.

For a detailed description of Section B, XXXL Granite Rail #2. 

Crack Sections A and B have a primarily neutral incut. 

Crack Sections C and D have one side slopey and the other as an incut jug. 

  • SIZE: 32" long x 13" wide x 3-5/8" standing off the wall. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture. 
  • DISCLAIMER: No resin on the planet is hard or strong enough for gear placements to hold a lead fall. NEVER attempt to lead climb with removable gear (cams, nuts, etc.) on this product.