XXXL Golfus Rail (Low Profile)

Almost 3 feet of candy for your wall.
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    Everybody loves a good rail, and this bad-boy keeps the session rolling. At shy of 3 feet long and being low-profile, even small home walls can use this hold. The only incut you get is from the shallow divots. The shallow divots mean this is a pretty hard hold to grab. Expect V2/3 on vertical walls and V7 in steeper 45-degree terrain. The XXXL Golfus Rail is an excellent hold to dead-point and dyno to as you can't see the divots from below. It forces some accuracy. 

    • Measures 33" wide x 3" tall x 2" off the wall
    • Great hold to spice up boring vertical terrain 
    • Advanced grip in steep terrain 
    • V3 on vertical walls 
    • V7 in steeper terrain 
    • Low profile making it an excellent choice for home walls 
    • Texture: Atomik 2.0 
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