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5 XXL Simple Pinches

Designed for steep climbing.

3 XXL Golfus Pinches

Steep wall pinches.

9" Ball

One hold only

XXL Brain Coral Pinches ( Slopey Set of 3 )

Just hope the terrain is vertical!

XXL Circle Font

This hold as is will offer a ton of sloper fun of low angled walls.

XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?

XXL Dome

One hold only

XXL Elephant Bird Egg

XXL egg-shaped sloper for steep or vertical climbing walls

XXL Golfus Sloper

Functional design.

XXL Mudplate Tile


XXL Soccer Ball

Full on sloper.

XXL Hedron Sloper

Dimensional sloper great for all levels of climbers.

The Divot ( XXL )

Positive on vertical. Negative on steep.

XXL Dripstone Tufa

Cool pinch climbing on every angle of wall.

XXL Fontainebleau Sloper

This sloper offers countless options of how to hold it by just rotating it slightly.

XXL Granite Pinch

Awesome granite texture and design that makes pinching fun. This climbing hold works on all angles and for all hand sizes.

XXL Maple Stalactite

High profile for roof sections.

XXL Stalactite

This style of climbing hold is an iconic climbing gym classic. Awesome in a roof section of your climbing wall.

XXL Steep Wall Sloper

Easy price, easy profile,

Skullcandy® Sloper

SkullCandy® approved.

XXL Limestone Sloper

Think you are good on slopers? Try this one.

XXL Limestone Sloper Tweak

Easier than the original

XXL Basketball

Slam dunk sloper fun!

XXL Football

Life sized football climbing hold.

5 XXL Brain Coral Wide Pinches

Super wide slopey pinches.

3 XXL Double Handers

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.

5 XXL Two-Handed Sandstone Rails

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.

5 XXL Moons

Shoot for the moon! And if you miss, you'll be among the crash pads.


This stealthy predator makes an excellent addition to any wall.

Finish Hold ( 45 degree incut )

Take your setting to the next level.

Finish Hold ( Jug )

Take your setting to the next level.

Finish Hold ( Slopey )

Take your setting to the next level.

XXL Double Hander ( Simple )

Simple and huge, this comfortable jug is super awesome on every angle including roofs.

XXL Double Hander Jug ( Dripstone ) ( Bolt on )

Super comfortable, huge jug.

Double Hander (Maple)

This climbing hold will make any rock climber look good on the steep section of a climbing course.

Double Hander (Font)

This stellar hold offers a flared jug on steep to vertical angles. Because of its flared design, in roof sections it turns into a wicked pinch.

Double Hander (Classic)

An excellent choice for all climbing wall angles. Most notably for extremely steep sections.

Double Hander (Divot)

Jug meant for two hands

Double Hander (Patina)

Double incut rock climbing hold

Double Hander (Golfus)

Our most incut Double Hander.

Double Hander (Limestone)

Have a steep wall? Look no further.

Double Hander (Straight)

High profile

Double Hander (Sandstone)

Two big mail slots.

Double Hander (Pocket)

Feels like aero bars on a time trial bike.