XXL Limestone Hueco Jug (Screw-On)

V2 as a Roof Jug.


The jug on this hueco is a full hand deep with the angle of the incut around 45-degrees. It works on roof sections, as there are some sweet thumb-catches. The incut is progressive meaning when you rotate the hold on the wall, the deep jug progressively gets smaller ending on an 1-1/2" deep edge. The edge inside the hueco is 3 to 4 fingers wide and is slightly incut. 

This hold has been designed so that you can grab the edge with one hand and then undercling the jug. 

There are a lot of options for this hold and no matter how you orient it, there will always be a deep comfortable jug. 

  • SIZE: 9-1/4" wide x 8-1/2" tall x 2-1/2" standing off the wall. 
  • V0 on a vertical wall. Beginner hold when set on a vertical wall. V0
  • V1 on a 45-degree wall.
  • V2 on a roof section. 
  • TEXTURE: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.
  • TEXTURE: Series 2.0