XXL Granite Feature #8 (Slopers/Pinches)

Bring a section of outdoor bouldering to your home wall!


At 18 inches long and with five distinct areas to grip on this bad boy, this hold is worth considering if you are into the outdoor bouldering scene. There are so many areas to describe on this hold, and the easiest way to sum it up is to say that every orientation offers some pinchy, slopey ledge that feels just like granite boulders found outside. 

The hold has been intricately shaped so that when you are looking for the sweet spot, we've thought those out so that the hold will yield the little nuances like "crystal crimps" found in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. 

This hold may look like it eats up a lot of wall space, but the surface area is larger than the footprint, so you are investing in more climbable wall space for your wall when considering this hold. 

Regarding difficulty, expect sub V3 on vertical, V4 to V8+ on 25-degree walls, and V6+ on 45-degree walls. On a 45-degree wall, the most accessible place to grab this hold is when set with the narrow point of the hold, pointing up and catching it with your left hand. That grip is a sloping offset pinch with a right thumb scum on the scooped side. Every other orientation jacks the grade up for the advanced-level boulderer. 

  • SIZE: 7" wide x 18" tall x 4-7/8" standing off the wall. 
  • TEXTURE: Rock-like granite texture.