XXL Dripstone Tufa

Cool pinch climbing on every angle of wall.
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    The XXL Dripstone Tufa is a comfortable pinch. It is 3 inches wide, it sticks out from the wall 3 ¼ inches and is 16 inches long. It measures about 2 ¾ inches wide at the bolt hole and tapers to the back of the hold to 2 ¼ inches, so there is some incut to it which makes is usable in really steep terrain.

    No matter what angle, expect to grab a hold that is rounded and comfortable. On a vertical wall, this hold will feel V0/V1. On a steep 45 degree wall, expect a V5 feeling hold.

    PS. There are some really cool finger locks and splits on the ends for those that want more options out of one hold.  It makes for some fun “just grab the hold here without using the middle pinch” variations. 

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We have 50,000 on order which is expected to arrive in August 2020.