Single XXL Donut Ring

Unique and fun training tool for forearm and upper body strength
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    The XXL Donut Pull Up Ring is a great addition to any Ninja Warrior or obstacle course. Its familiar shape makes it particularly appealing for children but its shape also creates multiple options for grip types--top with both hands, one hand on either side, hands stacked in the middle--meaning difficulty will vary depending on how you're using it. It can be used for pull-ups, swinging on, lacheing onto, and much more.

    In order to hang your Donut, we recommend using our Bomb Accessories

    • 3 inches in diameter
    • 11 inches wide and tall
    • Beginner level
    • Perfect forearm workout tool for Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastics, and rock climbing athletes  
    • Premium Stainless Steel Bolt
    • Lifetime Warranty