The tallest from the set of five.


Hold #5 from the line can be used as a challenging roof "hold". I'm careful not to imply "roof jug" because the incut, though on a steep angle, makes it feel in the V4/5 range in roofs. On every other angle of wall, this is a jug. The sweet spot is on the obvious protruding section. The incut is more than hand depth and there is room for three hands. The room for the fourth hands pushes you to the edges where we feathered the design so that when setting vertically, you have to side-pull.

  • Measures 16" wide x 7" tall x 3-3/8" off the wall.
  • A great jug on angles up to roofs.
  • Challenging hold in roofs but doable.
  • Texture: Atomik 2.0

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