XXL Basic Jug #4 (Screw-on)

The profile and depth of incut make this hold feel like a shovel scoop.
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    Hold #4 from the set of five has room for four hands. The lip of the holds comes off the wall by just over 3" so it has a higher profile than Hold #1 and #3. The 'off the wall' measurement is still low enough to be used on home walls. We all hate elbow rackers from high profile holds. The incut is a little more than 45-degrees, so on most angles up to roof, it is still a jug. It is not a roof jug. 

    • Measures 16-1/2" x 5" tall x 3" off the wall 
    • An excellent choice for low angle to steep walls 
    • Texture: Atomik 2.0 

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