Products tagged with 'xxl'


XXL Basic Jug #4 (Screw-On)

The profile and depth of incut make this hold feel like a shovel scoop.


XXL Basic Jug #5 (Screw-On)

The tallest from the set of five.


XXL Candy Cane

Festive pinch hold fun!


XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?


XXL Double Hander Jug (Dripstone) (Screw-On)

Enormous rock climbing jug with room for 4 hands


XXL Double Incut Double Hander Golfus Roof Jug

When you need a hold to make any angle of wall easy.


XXL Dripstone Sloper (Screw-On)

V6 on a steep wall.


XXL Dripstone Tufa (Bowtie) (Screw-On)

An exciting hold to add to any wall!


XXL Dripstone Tufa (Rail) (Screw-On)

The most challenging of the tufas.


XXL Football

Life sized football climbing hold.


XXL Full Moon (Single)

This XXL Full Moon is a sloper with a variety of hand placements. Set this on a 45-degree wall for a V6 feel if you're a true "LUNA"-tic.