Giant sized screw on alphabet letters that are so fun to climb on that your kids will never get off the wall.


Video of this set in action. 


Every gym should have this set on their walls. Measuring an average of 6 inches tall, 5 inches wide and sticking out 2 inches from the wall, this is the largest and most positive set of ABC climbing holds designed by any hold company! Children and adults can easily get both hands on most of the letters. Spell your school/church/org name or inspirational message with these. Rest assured it will be seen from far away. So big in fact that your message just might be able to be seen from outer space! Awesome on 45 degree walls for climbers that want nice positive system holds to train on. Perfect as an intro route in your gym. A "no brainer" as the staple boulder problem that should always stay up. 

For our bolt on version of this set, click the below link

Available Types

Picture of XL Individual Letter (Screw-On) (One Letter ONLY)

XL Individual Letter (Screw-On) (One Letter ONLY)

Picture of Full Set XL Alphabet ABC (Screw-On)

Full Set XL Alphabet ABC (Screw-On)

Letters A-Z