Products tagged with 'xl'


XL 4 Leaf Clover (Screw-On)

You won't need any luck hanging on to this two handed clover climbing hold.


XL Bananas

Feed your inner monkey!


XL Christmas Tree

Extra large Christmas rock climbing hold with lots and lots of edgy pinches


XL Coffee Mug

When one cup just won't do.


XL Flower (Bolt-On)

Comfortable jug.


XL Font Hueco (Screw-On)

This holds creates really cool hand sequences on all angles.


XL Font Sloper (Screw-On)

A sloper with a twist.


XL Panda (Screw-On)

Hand painted panda climbing hold


XL Ring 1-1/2" (Bolt-On)

An adult hand easily fits inside this handle bar ring.


XL Skull

Sloper head, ledge chin.


XL Snowman

It's Pinchy the Snowman!


XL Star

This XL Star will have you climbing into outer space!