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We are hiring!

Atomik is growing each year, and we find that we need to keep adding staff. Working at Atomik has many benefits. Atomik pays health care premiums 100% up to 4 family members, there are regular payroll bonuses, and our kitchen is full of snacks and drinks. A 401K plan is in the works, but we are not at that level yet.

With that said, it is not easy to be a team member at Atomik. A full-time position is 42.5 hours per week. That is our bare minimum. We encourage over-time hours as that is how we keep our turn-around time on orders within 1 to 3 business days. Our top performers worked over 80 hours a week during the initial pandemic craze. We work hard for our customers.

Our policy is that we all produce orders, including the President. Customer orders come first. Beyond that, you need to have a particular skill to get hired. We currently have a CNC Operator, Professional Photographer, Web Developer, Career Climber, University Professor, Cabinet Maker, and a few artists of varying specialties.

We are currently looking for:

Assistant Production Manager: This is a very athletic job. You must be able to lift 40 pounds all day long. That's not an understatement. Few survive. Our current goal is to mentor our existing staff to progress to the specialty departments so that we can move those department heads into our development areas.

Mold Maker: Jeweler-level skills. If you can make molds for wedding/engagement rings, we want to interview you. We currently have 3 in our Mold Department, but the workload is immense. We are not looking for just labor. We are looking for a skill-set that will add more skills.

Assistant Shipping Manager: This is a detailed oriented position. Reading every line on Packing Slips is critical. Having an understanding of who is receiving the package and how we can make this experience memorable for them. There is 50-pound plus lifting involved, fork-lift driving, data entry, and supply ordering involved.

Pay: Pay ranges from $12 to $25 per hour, no limit on over-time, health care, and bonuses if you qualify. Three employees will hit six-figure incomes this year. It would help if you were motivated by money to work here while understanding that big bonuses are earned by doing a lot and working with a high level of intelligence. If you think getting out to climb or hike on the weekend while we have a massive load of orders is something you need, Atomik is not the place for you. Many of us worked 6 to 7 days a week for 3-1/2 months when the pandemic hit. We gave up our personal lives to help our customers get their walls built. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's not who is going to work these hours; it's what do we produce on the weekend shifts.

Contact: From your first phone call or email, you are in an interview. How you approach us, how you communicate, it all matters to us. We are not looking to mentor necessary skills like communication. My advice is that you write up an articulate resume and call me at 801-404-0280 before emailing me your resume. Your first test is to figure out what my email address is. If you have to ask our address for your interview, we will pass. You must be able to work independently and think for yourself before asking easily searched info. We are a team of professionals. We are absent of drama. We will expect you to behave in the same way. Good luck!

Kenny Matys