Water Clear Climbing Holds: LED Compatible

Water Clear Climbing Holds: LED Compatible

Look no further for that "Wow Factor" you are looking for to crank up the eye candy on your wall. Atomik is now offering Water Clear climbing holds that will capture an LED's luminescence and be that beacon of light on your wall. 

The holds themselves have no LEDs in them. The texture of the climbing hold diffuses LED light. 

If you are handy, embed your own LEDs to your wall. We currently do not sell the LEDs or APP to build a programmable climbing wall. 

If you are looking for a full setup system, check out the KILTER BOARD. Kilter is a competitor of ours, and the holds are different from our Water Clear climbing holds.  Their system has a programmable app. 

Picture of Water Clear: 24 Kids Playground Pack Golfus