Volumes (Bolt-On)


Mini Volume #1 Triangle

Add square footage to your wall!


Mini Volumes #2 Quadrilateral

Attach small footholds and crimps to create interesting moves.


Volumes #1 (High Profile Triangle)

Best for roofs and super steep walls.


Volumes #2 ( High Profile )

Best for steeper terrain.


Volumes #3 (Low Profile Triangle)

This volume climbing hold is awesome on low angle walls.


Volumes #4 (Low Profile Square)

Awesome on low angles.


Volumes #5 (XXL Hedron)

Suited for steep and low angle terrain.


Volumes #6 Multi Angle

Great for making low angled walls steeper.


Volumes #7

Large surface area triangle suited for all angles.

Min: $59.00 Max: $276.00
$59 $276