TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay

    ● The TRUBLUE™ iQ Auto Belay is the next generation of indoor and outdoor climbing wall auto belays. Designed for the climbing industry, thousands of TRUBLUEs are in use around the world in climbing gyms, ropes courses, family entertainment centers, and more.
    User Weight Minimum (All models): 22 lbs (10 kg)
    User Weight Maximum (All models): 309 lbs (140 kg)
    12.5 m Version Mounting Height Minimum: 14.8 ft (4.5 m)
    20 m XL Version Mounting Height Minimum: 41 ft (12.5 m)
    XL version (65 ft) is NOT currently available. But we can arrange to drop ship from Headrush. Their turnaround time is not within our control.



TRUBLUE’s self-regulating magnetic braking system is the result of years of research, development, and testing. Our auto belay is designed for climbers and engineered for safety. TRUBLUE Auto Belays are engineered to meet the strictest safety standards, including extensive testing by one of the leading certification bodies in the world, TÜV/SÜD Product Service GmbH.

The TRUBLUE is available in two webbing lengths:

  • 41 ft (12.5 m)
  • 65 ft (20 m)

Advanced Technology

  • Smooth descent: The self-regulating braking system has minimal variation in descent rate across the user weight range.
  • Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts: Non-contacting magnetic technology.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership.
  • Available with four webbing connection types to fit your facility's needs.


  • Meets international safety standards: TRUBLUE is designed for climbers and engineered for safety. We engineered TRUBLUE to meet international safety standards for fall arrest devices.
  • Extensive safety testing: For over four years, the TRUBLUE auto belay has undergone extensive safety testing by an ISO 17025 accredited company specializing in product testing.

• The webbing-based system will not damage walls and feels natural 
when climbing
• Reduced webbing wear with unique delivery nozzle and field- 
replaceable webbing kit
• Lower maintenance and servicing costs

• To ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain your warranty, TRUBLUE Auto Belays must undergo annual recertification.

TRUBLUE Auto Belays
Attn: Service Center
1835 38th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay systems should be shipped in the original box and packing.


The TRU-Mount Accessory for the TRUBLUE Auto Belay is meant to give the utmost flexibility for any mounting scenario. The TRU-Mount is easily installed by users on any standard climbing wall and allows for simple and proper TRUBLUE mounting without eliminating top rope or lead climbing anchors. The TRU-Mount is equipped with primary and secondary mounting points for a TRUBLUE Auto Belay and multiple attachment points for connecting personal anchors or haul systems while allowing users to maintain traditional anchor points. Get the most out of your wall by installing a TRU-Mount anchor system.

See the TRU-Mount Operator Manual for mounting requirements.


  • Mounting hole approximate spacing 90–225mm (3.5-9”)
  • This mount is designed and tested to meet EN 12572-1:2017

Installation Instruction Video:

Servicing Your Auto Belay: