Triple Locking Reposado Aluminum Carabiner

  • • Aluminum locking carabiner
  • • Strength rating: 25 kN
  • • Weight: 82 g
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It’s always nice to have options out there on the rock, and the ClimbTech carabiners deliver. The ClimbTech Triple Locking Reposado carabiner is one of the largest belay and rappel lockers on the market with a Screwgate option, featuring a keylock nose to prevent snagging.

Note: Printing on carabiner may differ from photos. 


  • Main Body: Aluminum
  • Gate: Aluminum
  • Gate Opening: 23 mm
  • Weight: 82 g (0.2 lbs)
  • Major Axis Closed Gate Strength: 25 kN
  • Major Axis Open Gate Strength: 8 kN
  • Minor Axis Gate Strength: 9 kN