Large Oak Leaf

Give it a chance, it could grow on you.
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    At first glance, I was not too impressed with the leaf. Cool for a kids wall. But then I climbed on it and was pleasantly surprised at the options it had.

    Pointing upwards, there is a large jug on the top. It can be considered a jug until about a 45-degree overhanging wall. At that point, it becomes an incut edge for a full two pads easily. It's deep. You can also micro crimp on the lower sections but the main hold is the jug.

    When the leaf is upside-down, things get crazy. Several narrow and wide pinch options come into play and play we did. The pinches are really fun to switch up how you grab it. Narrow one effort, wide on the next.

    The jug as an undercling is challenging to get into. When you are above the hold, the undercling is good but when you are below it...let's just say have fun. There's no way to cheat the undercling by pinching the hold or find some sweet thumb catch.

    If you are looking for some "kids holds" but really want to say they are for the kids but really are for you, this is a good choice. Also, check out the rest of the Garden Flora set other holds that fall into this category.