Large Flower

Just add water...
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    Whether you choose a vibrant or subtle color for your Flower, it is sure to stand out! Not only is it an easily identifiable shape on your wall, but it also serves many purposes for training. You won’t have to sacrifice form over function and you won’t have to water it!

    Each petal on the Flower has its own unique design. Four of the petals can be considered hand holds—two of which are mini jugs, and the other two are cobble-like edges. The hold is designed so that you can traverse across it. You will find two mini jug petals at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions on the hold as well as other varieties of grips on the remaining Flower features. It really is a fun hold on vertical walls!

    But a Flower wouldn’t be complete without its stem! So we have thrown in an additional bonus: a stem that adds function as a small edge or crimper to complement the mini jugs and cobbles of the flower petals.

    Give the one you love a Flower that she'll remember forever!