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11/11/15 from Brian C. 

First off, want to say that the new brain coral line of holds are awesome.  I have the XXL Brain Coral Wide Slopers and now the XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #1 and XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #4 (or #5).  The texture is really fun. For just climbing around you can throw and stick to the holds without feeling like your fingers are velcro'd to the hold and if you'll slip you'll get some abrasions.  They really are great when setting some hard problems and having to find the fine nuance of the holds for the extra bit of purchase.  Again, awesome line, tell your shapers great job.
Second, I really appreciated the holds I got this month as part of the HOTMC.  I wasn't too sure about getting the XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #1 as I don't really have much like it on my wall (i have some small ledges/edges, but nothing this big).  Pulling it out of the box I initially thought "this is pretty cool" and then after taking it home and putting on my 15 degree overhang as soon as I touched it I knew it was going to be loads of fun.  Aside from the hold I was expecting to get, I was super stoked to find the XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #4 (killer on my vertical wall, spits me off more than I'd like haha) and the XXXL Font Pinch.  I've been meaning to get some pics of the two wedges all chalked up and posting up some reviews on your website, but haven't found the time (cold season has hit our household especially hard this year).  I'd think anybody that touches the Brain Coral line would know right away they're in for a good time.
Happy Customer :)