T-nut INDUSTRIAL Round Base Zinc (Case Quantity-1000 Count)

Often chosen for commercial walls seeing high cycling of holds.
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This is the flagship T-nut in our line. There are other similar models on the market; however, we have this model custom made for us. We wanted a 1/32" thicker barrel wall and three attachment screws. The Industrial T-nut is approximately 40% stronger than our standard Round Base T-nut. 


  • 3/8-16 zinc round industrial T-nuts
  • Case quantity of 1000
  • The base measures 1-3/8" which is considerably larger than the industry standard.
  • The barrel height measures 9/16".
  • Attaches using #8 x 5/8" screws which are included
  • 1/32" thicker barrel wall when compared to the standard version. 
  • Great for roofs and areas of your wall where high leverage products are being used, such as our famous Ninja Warrior Products.  
  • Install by drilling a 1/2" hole from the front of the panel through to the back, then attach to the backside of your panel using the included screws. 


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