System Packages


10 Peg Board Receivers ( 15-Degree Model) (Pegs Included)

15-degree incut meant for 15-degree overhanging walls.


8 x 12 System Wall Package (122 Holds)

System Holds for a V3 to V8 feeling system wall. Wall not included.


System Tiles (Set of 2)

Offers pinch, jug, pocket sloper grips.


System Tiles Pack (6 Tiles/10 Feet)

The whole shebang! Instant system wall in a box. 6 tiles that offer 13 different hand positions plus 10 foot holds. All you need is the wall to attach them to! Discover this pack of system tiles and climbing footholds for your wall today.

Min: $104.00 Max: $1,605.00
$104 $1605