System Pinches #4 (Bolt On) (Set of 2)

One side has a rounded incut and the other a flat incut making this the perfect system pinch. This pinch is best for high rep workouts and a fun hangboard addition too. Sold as a set of 2
Also Bought

T-nut (Round Base Zinc)

screw on brad hole t-nuts

System Feet - #7 (Bolt-on) (Set of 2)

#7 is an oval cobble. It is barely sloping so you could almost call it flat on the wide side. It's a great intermediate to advanced hold in steep terrain. On the short side the angle is about 135 degrees sloping so on vertical, no problem. On a steep wall, the short side gets considerably hard to stand on. Sold as a set of 2.

System Crimps #1 (Bolt-on) (Set of 2)

A full pad incut edge suitable for a hang board or a system wall. Great for a beginner hang board as an intro to crimping or for some power endurance pull down action in your next system session.

Sold as a set of 2.