System Pinches #12 (Bolt On) (Set of 2)

This set is slightly bigger than Pinch #9. It's fatter. Its tear drop shape lends itself to easier pinching.
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T-nut (Round Base Zinc)

screw on brad hole t-nuts

Foothold Friday (Limit 2 sets per order)

When this sells out the next publishing will be 08/14/20 in the morning. Sign up for the email alert! $0.50 per hold NO COLOR REQUESTS LIMIT 2 SETS PER CUSTOMER. Please do not be sneaky by placing multiple orders. Help share this deal with others by sticking to just your two sets.

System Pockets #3 (Bolt-on)(Set of 2)

A really deep ( 3 finger pads ) 2 finger pocket.

Flip it over for a 1 1/2 pad pocket.