System Jug #1 (Bolt-on) (Set of 2)

The ergonomic contour of this jug follows the natural shape of your hand. You get a full two pads of room for every finger. It offers a lot of room for your hand but we do have others that offer more hold. Your fingers will bottom out so if you have a large hand size, this hold might feel like a finger jug rather than a hand jug. I really like open-handed hanging on this hold.

Note the profile photo for how deep the incut goes back.

Sold as a set of 2 holds.

Also Bought

System Feet - #9 (Bolt-on) (Set of 2)

#9 is a half inch edge, flat and requires body tension as the wall gets steeper. Sold as a set of 2.

System Feet - #11 (Screw on) (Set of 2)

4 different angles to rotate to. Screw On. Sold as a set of 2.