Super Small

10 Smear Slopers (Screw On)

Ridiculously hard to grab without some help.

20 Classic Feet (Screw On)

Unbreakable and pre-drilled which makes them easy to install these grape sized holds are an excellent choice as footholds.

20 Smear Feet - Screw Ons

Chunky slopey feet.

30 Proton Feet (Screw On)

Precision required.

40 Classic Feet (Screw On)

Good things do come in small packages! Though all of these holds are very small, they offer the experienced climber many challenging shapes to work on their foot work.

6 Slopey Volume Rails (Screw On)

Designed for wood volumes.

8 Dinosaur Feet (Screw On)

Prehistoric footholds