Products tagged with 'starter kits'


100 Pack Classic (Screw-On)

A wide variety of screw-on holds.


100 Pack Dripstone (Screw-On)

Rock wall kit with 100 pieces of rock love.


30 Pack (Screw-On)

Small to medium holds with a variety of grips.


36 Pack Divots BFF (Screw-On)

BFF stands for bare-feet friendly!


50 Pack (Screw-On)

  • • Good variety of shapes with an average size between super small to medium.
  • • Cost-effective due to the small average hold size.
  • • Good filler set to add to an existing wall.
  • Be aware that 20 of the holds in this pack are super small feet that require commercial climbing shoes to use and are not suited for a children's wall.

61 Pack BFF (Screw-On)

BFF stands for Bare Feet Friendly!


66 Pack Dripstone Steep Wall (Screw-On)

Positive grips for steep terrain.