Sloper Climbing Holds

Quite possibly the most sought-after type of hold, sloper climbing holds offer an open-handed grip—or, in this case, lack thereof. These slopers, as their name suggests, have a sloped, curved shape, presenting a challenge to climbers, like attempting to grab the outside of a bowl.

Sloper hand holds require unique body positioning and advanced hand techniques, forcing the climber to engage their core to latch on to and move off rock climbing slopers. If you want to add sloper holds to your indoor rock climbing wall in your home or gym, Atomik Climbing Holds is here to help!

Our selection of slopers for rock climbing features various shapes and sizes of holds, from balls to geodesics to divot domes and more. Browse our inventory of sloper climbing holds to find the ideal holds for your wall, and don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions.

Picture of 3 Balls (Bolt-On) (2", 3", 4")
Picture of 3" Ball (Bolt-On) (Set of 2)
Picture of 4" Ball (Bolt-On) (Set of 2)
Picture of 5" Ball (Bolt On)
Picture of 6" Ball (Bolt On)

6" Ball (Bolt On)

$128.88 $65.00
Picture of 9" Ball (Bolt On)
Picture of 3 Geodesic Domes
Picture of 5" Geodesic Dome
Picture of 6" Geodesic  Dome
Picture of 7" Geodesic Dome
Picture of 8" Geodesic Dome
Picture of 9" Geodesic Dome
Picture of 3 Domes (Bolt-On)
Picture of 3 Divot Domes (Bolt-On)
Picture of 12 Medium Slopers (BFF)
Picture of 5 Golfus Mini Slopers
Picture of 5 Medium Basic Slopers  Set #1 (Series 2.0)
Picture of 5 Medium Basic Slopers  Set #2 (Series 2.0)
Picture of 5 Medium Basic Slopers  Set #3 (Series 2.0)
Picture of 5 Medium Brain Coral Rounders
Picture of 5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges
Picture of 5 Medium Flat Slopers
Picture of 5 Medium Scoops (BFF)
Picture of 5 Medium Slopers