Quite possibly the most sought after type of hold, Sloper holds are holds that offer an open-handed grip or in this case, lack thereof.  If you envision trying to grab on to the outside of a bowl, you realize that there is no actual indent to grab on to. Sloper hand holds force unique body positioning, advanced hand techniques, as well as requiring the climber to engage their core to latch on to and move off of rock climbing slopers.


5 Golfus Mini Slopers

Two-pad fingertip slopers.


5 Medium Scoops ( BFF )

Bare Foot Friendly climbing holds!


5 Variety Fontainebleau

As an introduction to font shapes, they are a great beginner to intermediate climber's dream on lower angles.


5 Medium Slopers

Time to visit Slopey Town.


5 Medium Logo Holds SLOPERS/PINCHES

Sloper and pinch rock climbing holds


5 Medium Brain Coral Rounders

Between a big edge and an incut


5 Medium Steep Wall Slopers

Not much to grab here.


5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!


5 Medium Flat Slopers

Incrementally angled flat slopers.


12 Medium Slopers (BFF)

These medium-sized holds can be used as small slopers or as footholds that are barefoot-friendly.


3 Balls (Bolt On) ( 2", 3", 4" )

Pack of 3 ball-shaped climbing holds.


5 Large Steep Wall Slopers (Scoops)

5 nicely rounded, full palm size, steep wall slopers.

Min: $22.00 Max: $337.00
$22 $337