Quite possibly the most sought after type of hold, Sloper holds are holds that offer an open-handed grip or in this case, lack thereof.  If you envision trying to grab on to the outside of a bowl, you realize that there is no actual indent to grab on to. Sloper hand holds force unique body positioning, advanced hand techniques, as well as requiring the climber to engage their core to latch on to and move off of rock climbing slopers. 

12 Medium Slopers

Great for vertical walls and awesome on volumes!

5 Medium Scoops ( BFF )

Bare Foot Friendly climbing holds!

5 Medium Slopers

Time to visit Slopey Town.

5 Variety Fontainebleau

As an introduction to font shapes, they are a great beginner to intermediate climber's dream on lower angles.

5 Medium Logo Holds

Sloper and pinch rock climbing holds
$33.60 $25.20

5 Medium Brain Coral Rounders

Between a big edge and an incut

5 Medium Steep Wall Slopers

Not much to grab here.

5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!

5 Medium Flat Slopers

Incrementally angled flat slopers.

5 Large Brain Coral Slopers

Round and grippy slopers

5 Large Dripstone Slopers

The slopier version of the 2 large Dripstone sets.

5 Large Dripstone Steep Wall Slopers

Thumb and finger catches galore!

5 Large Simple Slopers

Simply Slopers.

5 Large Steep Wall Slopers

Kick the wall back for some sloper action.

5 Large Steep Wall Slopers (Scoops)

5 nicely rounded, full palm size, steep wall slopers.

3 Domes ( bolt on )

3.5", 4.5" and 6.0" Domes.

9" Ball (Bolt On)

One really big hold.
$81.92 $75.00

6" Geodesic Dome

One hold only

3 Yaniro Slopers

3 different sloper classics.

5 XL Steep Wall Slopers (Scoops)

Big, steep-wall slopers from our Scoop line

3 XL Steep Wall Cobbles

Egg-shaped steep wall sloper/pinch climbing holds

5 XL Brain Coral Slopers #1

Fun slopers to set with

5 XL Brain Coral Slopers #2

Slightly more advanced slopers

5 XL Basic Slopers

Wall climbing holds for sale free of design flavor.

5 XL Flat Slopers

Angle specific flat slopers.

5 XL Hedron Slopers

Slopers that you can pinch.

5 XL Simple Slopers

Clean designs that are ready to get down to business.

5 XL Steep Wall Slopers Set #1

Designed for steep wall sloper climbing.

5 XL Steep Wall Slopers Set #2

Designed for steep wall sloper climbing.

5 XL Font Slopers Set #1

Have you ever climbed in the forest in Fontainebleau, France?

5 XL Font Slopers Set #2

Now we're climbing!

5 XL Dripstone Steep Wall Slopers

Room for both hands and catches for your fingers.

3 XL Atomik Logo Holds

1 sloper, 1 x 3 inch pinch and 1 x 4 inch pinch.

5 XXL Moons

Shoot for the moon! And if you miss, you'll be among the crash pads.

XXL Brain Coral Pinches ( Slopey Set of 3 )

Just hope the terrain is vertical!

3 XXL Steep Wall Slopers (Scoops)

Big, two-handed steep-wall slopers

5 XXL Brain Coral Wide Pinches

Super wide slopey pinches.

XXL Scoop Sloper

Big two handed Scoop Sloper. Rounded, slopey ledge/shelf

XXL Steep Wall Sloper

Easy price, easy profile,

XXL Fontainebleau Sloper

This sloper offers countless options of how to hold it by just rotating it slightly.

The Divot ( XXL )

Positive on vertical. Negative on steep.

XXL Dome

One hold only

XXL Golfus Sloper

Functional design.

XXL Circle Font

This hold as is will offer a ton of sloper fun of low angled walls.

XXL Soccer Ball

Full on sloper climbing hold.

XXL Basketball

Slam dunk sloper fun!

XXL Elephant Bird Egg

XXL egg-shaped sloper for steep or vertical climbing walls

XXL Limestone Sloper

Think you are good on slopers? Try this one.

XXL Limestone Sloper Tweak

Easier than the original

XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?

Skullcandy® Sloper

SkullCandy® approved.

Gas Mask Skull

Safety first ;)

XXL Hedron Sloper (Dual-tex)

Dual Textured Dimensional sloper great for all levels of climbers.

XXL Rounded Logo Pinch (Bolt-on)

Awesome, slopey tapered logo pinch.
$21.60 $17.60

XXXL Brain Coral Organic Sloper #1

This sloper has lots going on

XXXL Brain Coral Organic Sloper #2

An instant favorite by setters

XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #1

100 degree slope (not too intense)

XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #2

110 degree slope (slightly more intense)

XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #3

120 degree slope (getting more intense)

XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #4

125 degree slope (intense)

XXXL Brain Coral Wedge #5

130 degree slope (super intense)

XXXL Steep Wall Sloper

Slap it, spin it, turn it, fall off of it.

XXXL Fontainebleau Sloper

A Goliath of a hold that offers hours of slopey fun.

XXXL Plymouth Rock

Land your hands on this rock Pilgrim.

4XL Sloper (Scoop)

Super-Gigantic sloper fun!

20 Smear Feet - Screw Ons

Chunky slopey feet.

10 Smear Slopers (Screw On)

Sloper climbing holds that are ridiculously hard to grab without some help.

5 Medium Scoops (Screw On) ( BFF )

Bare Foot Friendly screw on feet

3 Domes Screw On

No incut, all sloper.

XXL Rounded Logo Pinch (Screw-on)

Awesome, slopey tapered logo pinch.
$24.00 $19.00

6 Slopey Volume Rails (Screw On)

Climbing volume holds designed for wood.

10 Angled Slopers (Screw On)

Lots of different types of slopey pinches.

5 Large Simple Slopers (Screw On)

Adding variety to your wall is good.

5 Large Dripstone Slopers ( Screw On )

Large sloper rock climbing holds

5 Large Steep Wall Dripstone Slopers ( Screw On )

The more incut version of the 2 large Dripstone sets.

XL Font Sloper (Screw On)

A sloper with a twist.