Products tagged with 'sloper'


10 Angled Slopers (Screw On)

Lots of different types of slopey pinches.


10 Slopey Edges (Screw-On)

Several different angles of sloping edges.


10 Smear Slopers (Screw-On)

Sloper climbing holds that are ridiculously hard to grab without some help.


5 Large Dripstone Slopers (Screw-On)

Large sloper rock climbing holds


5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!


5 Medium Logo Holds SLOPERS/PINCHES

Sloper and pinch rock climbing holds


5 XL Basic Slopers ( Screw On )

V1/V2 on vertical


5 XXL Brain Coral Wide Pinches

Super wide slopey pinches.


Set of 2 I Scream Cones (4.5")

Super sloper training on the top, negative tapered pinch on the bottom


XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?


XXL Limestone Sloper Tweak

Easier than the original