How To Set Your First Boulder Problem (VIDEO)

Setting Your First Boulder Problem

Route Setting is an art form based on creativity, hold selection, and knowledge of how different body sizes move. Setting a route is all about the feel. We highly recommend watching our video.


If you are new to installing climbing holds, here are some tips to ensure that you don't cross-thread your T-nuts.  Begin by inserting the bolt through the hold and hand-thread the bolt into the T-nut. If you feel ANY resistance to the bolt engaging the threads of the T-nut, stop and take the bolt out and look into the T-nut. You are looking to see if the T-nut is crooked in the hole. If the T-nut looks straight, check the threads on the bolt. Bolt threads can be easily damaged if inserted into a cross-threaded T-nut, so your first step is to switch out the bolt and try again. If the new bolt resists going into the T-nut, then you should assume your T-nut is cross-threaded and needs to be tapped. Don't worry! Follow this link: How to Tap a T-nut