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100 Pack Screw-ons

Grab your cordless drill with a Phillips ( star ) head bit and attach these holds super fast!

25 Kids Climbing Wall Pack Screw-ons Set #1

Friendly shapes with just the right fit to create a wall for your child.

25 Kids Climbing Wall Pack Screw-ons Set #2

Friendly shapes with just the right fit to create a wall for your child.

50 Pack Screw-ons

From tiny grape sized feet to large finger bucket climbing holds, this set is an excellent choice to equip an 8x8 foot area.

30 Pack Screw-ons

This set works for all climbers, including kids! Don't be deceived by the number of holds in comparison to our 50 pack.

10 Large Simple Screw-On Jugs

Simple is never simple.

12 Screw-On Crimps

Your perfect crimp is in here.

10 Basic Jug Screw-ons

Super Comfortable.

10 Pack Joe's Pocket Screw-ons

Inspired by our local gemstone bouldering area Joe's Valley, these sandstone pockets are the ticket to add positive hold variety to your wall.

20 Medium Dripstone Jugs Screw-ons

Food for your wall.

Screw on Large Ring

This ring is a one handed threader that you can hang from like a monkey.

Screw on XL Ring

Big comfortable jug.

5 Large Dripstone Pinches Screw-on

Amazing, realistic pinches.

5 Pack Dripstone Tufa Screw-ons

Make your own Tufa climb!

14 inch Death Star Screw-on

Eye candy for your wall.

24 inch Death Star Screw-on

This one is huge!

5 Pack Simple XL Jug Screw Ons Set#1

Look no further for the set of holds that are perfect for your wall.

5 Pack Simple XL Steep Wall Jug Screw Ons Set #2

These are a little more incut making them just a little bit easier to hold on to on really steep walls.

10 Large Smear Slopers - Screw ons

Ridiculously hard to grab without some help.

10 Pack Incut Screw-ons

The best listed price for screw-ons in the industry and Guaranteed not to break.

3 Domes Screw On

No incut, all sloper.

5 Large Simple Screw-on Slopers

Adding variety to your wall is good.

5 Pack Rail Screw-ons

This selection will give you the rails, that come from the 50 pack.

5 XL Limestone Jug Screw-ons

Classic rock-like shapes for steep terrain.

6 Crazy Slopey Volume Rails - Screw Ons

Designed for wood volumes.

6 Pack Limestone Screw-ons

Deceptive holds forcing the climber to adjust for the best hand position or as chunky footholds requiring accurate foot placement.

6 Pack Sandstone Screw-ons

Medium sized crimpers that give you a taste of what it feels like to be climbing outside.

10 Angled Foot Screw Ons

Lots of 3/4" to 1" foot holds.

10 Angled Slopers Screw Ons

Lots of different types of slopey pinches.

10 Dripstone Flat Crimp Screw Ons Set #2

Flat comfortable edges.

10 Dripstone Incut Crimp Screw Ons Set #1

Incut comfortable edges.

10 Low Angle Hedron Slopers

Volume Slopers!

10 Slopey Edges Screw Ons

Several different angles of sloping edges.

20 Dripstone Feet - Screw Ons

Steep wall feet.

20 Foot Screw-ons Classic

Unbreakable and pre-drilled which makes them easy to install these grape sized holds are an excellent choice as footholds.

20 Sloper Crimps Screw Ons

Not one 90 degree flat edge in the bunch.

20 Smear Feet - Screw Ons

Chunky slopey feet.

21 Proton Feet - Screw Ons

Steep wall feet or crazy weird hands.

30 Proton Feet - Screw Ons

Precision required.

40 Foot Screw-ons Classic

Good things do come in small packages! Though all of these holds are very small, they offer the experienced climber many challenging shapes to work on their foot work.

5 Pack Dinosaurs Screw On


XL Font Hueco Screw-on

This holds creates really cool hand sequences on all angles.

XL Font Sloper Screw-on

A sloper with a twist.

XXL Dripstone Sloper Screw-on

V6 on a steep wall.

Screw On Brontosaurus

Pinch his neck, grab the head or even his back and don't forget the tail! Lots to play on.

Screw On Pterodactyl

Winged Beast

Screw On Stegosaurus

You can grab his head or on the bony plates. Sorry, we couldn't fit all 17 on him but he sure is fun to climb on.

Screw On T-Rex

Because boys love dinosaurs!

Screw On Triceratops

There is a jug on his back and if rotated, you can grab an edge on his armored head.

4 Pack Transportation Screw On

Iconic shapes that your children will be sure to love.

Medium Screw-on Alphabet ABC Set ( letter shaped holds )

Just the right size for those little hands.
From $8.62

XL Screw-on Alphabet ABC Set

Giant sized screw on alphabet letters that are so fun to climb on that your kids will never get off the wall.
From $16.99

5 Pack Screw-on Hearts

Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.

Climber dude

Lots of ideas to use the Climber dude. Read on...

Climber Girl

Chicks Rule!

Screw-on Font Rail #1

I've been workin' on the rail road...

Screw-on Font Rail #2

Easy,peasy, lemon squeezy.

Screw-on Font Rail #3

From vertical to steeper, this rail is a keeper.

Screw-on Font Rails #1 #2 #3

Buy them all and get a better deal!
$85.99 $77.99