Screw-on Wedge Volume ( 36" long)

Consider this size as adding substantial square footage to your wall.
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    Volumes are awesome because they add square footage to your wall. 

    The Wedge Volume is our largest volume to date. It is 3 feet long and can accommodate holds up to XXL. You'll notice the attachment flange along the base is missing from the end. This feature allows you to stack a second one to that face. You could even locate them slightly apart to get a finger of hand jam between them. The platform on top is big enough to stand on. It's to set this volume with the ledge on top over a foam pit with the challenge, "Can you stand on top of me?"! 

    • The angle of the walls on the volume:  degrees and 90 degrees for the end panel. 
    • Measurements: 36" base x 36" base x 15" base x  9-1/2" off the wall 
    • Zinc Round Base T-nuts pre-installed: 27
    • Texture: Atomik 2.0 
    • Please do not drill spinner screw holes or any other holes into Polyurethane Volumes. You can weaken the structural integrity of the product. This practice also voids our warranty. 

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