Screw-on Triangle Volume ( 4")

4" refers to the size of the hold footprint that this volume will accept.
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    This volume will accept a hold with a 4" footprint or smaller. That translates to a medium to large hold that will attach to this size of this volume. Of course, all small holds will fit easily. 

    • Atomik 2.0 Texture (Smooth)

    The angle of the walls on the volume: 50 degrees 

    Base Measurements: 14-1/2" x 14-1/2' x 14-1/2" 

    Stands off the wall: 4-1/2" 

    Zinc Round Base T-nuts pre-installed: 3

    • Please do not drill spinner screw holes or any other holes into Polyurethane Volumes. You can weaken the structural integrity of the product. This practice also voids our warranty. 

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