System Dome 6.0" (Screw-on) (Set of 2)

A handful of sloper. Harder than the 4.5" version. Sold as a set of 2 holds.
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T-nut (4 Prong Zinc)

3/8-16 zinc 4-prong t-nut

System Dome 4.5" (Screw-on) (Set of 2)

There is a lot of room for your hand on this sloper. It has a slight crease at the back which makes it excellent for open handed sloper training. On a vertical hang board = V1. On a 110 degree system wall = V2. Sold as a set of 2 holds.

Large Ring 1" ( Down Climb )(2.0)

The best selling Down Climb hold from our line.
$29.01 $14.38