System Slopers #2 (Screw-on)(Set of 2)

#2 is very similar to sloper #1. It is a little bit wider and has a similar indent at the back. This hold is excellent for open handed sloper training or you can crimp the indent for a different grip. On a vertical hang board = Feels like V1. On a 110 degree system wall = Feels like V2. Sold as a set of 2 holds.
Also Bought

3/4" 80/90 degree incut campus rung

3/4" seems to be the standard small campus rung. Good as a traditional low wall angled campus rung.

1.5" 100/110 degree slopey campus rung

1.5" is a huge and really you are sloper training at this point. These sloper campus board rungs are an awesome size to train open handed.
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